Millennials aren’t immature and lazy. The probem is mainstream society


Bashing Millennials seems to be the new national pastime. We see article after article about how they’re entitled, fragile, and above all, immature. Perhaps nowhere is this more noticeable than in the complaints against those who use “adult” as a verb:

I cooked a meal today – I’m adulting.

They actually expect me to adult for eight hours every day.

I’m adulting – I put on pants today.


It’s tempting to write off these complaints as killjoys who don’t get the joke, but the rants about how previous generations were holding down factory jobs, raising children, and fighting wars in their late teens and early 20s are meant to be serious indictments of people who won’t get with the program.

Continued : “Adulting” is an Indictment of Society, Not of Millennials


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